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Alexander Popov, the inventor of radio, was born in Krasnoturyinsk, Sverdlovsk region, 400 km far from Ekaterinburg, Russia.
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Commercial Bank “Moscow Business World” (JSC «MDM-Bank»)

МДМ_100*70MDM-Bank contracted ZANZRA for the project of SMS-notification. The service was implemented by ZANZRA for the bank customers to be notified of the operations with their cards. ...
Commercial Bank "UNIASTRUM BANK"

ЮНИАСТРУМ_100*70In order to enable UNIASTRUM-Bank customers to be always aware of their card interactions, the module of SMS traffic processing integrated with the bank’s Oracle database. The system has been put...

BonPrix_100*70The project with “DIRECT CATALOGUE SERVICE“ included development and implementation of the service enabling the catalogue automatic articles booking from catalogue and received orders processing...
Financial Group BrokerCreditService (BCS)

БКС_100*70In October 2007 BCS implemented the following info services on the basis of ZANZARA solution:...
SMS-service based on federal number for media (Radio “Pilot”)

ПилотFM_100*70Radio “Pilot” has been provided with federal number +7 908 53 88 888, which is obviously easy to remember and easy to pronounce. In a short while, “Pilot’s” employees...

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