ZANZARA’s advantages
ZANZARA’s advantages
Sending electronic business cards and contacts (vCards) by SMS
Customer’s data-base processing and import into ZANZARA system
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We have done the first many of what nearly all of them offer today, like: alphabetic sending number, federal number for SMS receiving, payment only for the delivered messages, batch broadcasting and many others.

For today we offer the following unique services:

1.            Automatic adjustment and import of a customer data-base. Not always a customer has a data-base which completely suits the system standards necessary for its proper work. Since we talk about process automation, then there can't be any deviation from these standards. Almost everybody, who decides to use SMS in his business, faces this problem. They either give up everything or spend huge amount of time and money to adjust the data-base format to a proper one. But not for our clients. We absolutely free-of-charge offer them a special program which automatically (i.e. fast!) performs the following:

  • Corrects spelling  in names: Genadiy – Gennadiy
  • Divides the field "Name" into separate two or three ones  
  • Substitutes short variants of first names with full ones: Sasha – Aleksandr
  • Determines gender by name: Anastasiya – fem.
  • Does not adjust names with abbreviations or company names
  • Transforms various formats of dates (birthday, last visit, purchase date) into one proper format
  • Changes direct fixed phone numbers for federal 11-digit cellular analogues.
  • Transliterates text: substitutes Russian letters for Latin combinations observing the transliteration rules.

2.            Sending electronic business cards (vCards) by SMS. You can send an electronic business card to your customer, thus, he can always find your office, phone numbers of all your officials and employees of different departments.  As soon as a person confirms the receipt of a vCard, it's saved as a note in the contact book of a cell phone. 

3.            Actual data base numbers check. Determination of the location and network of the data-base numbers. It happens quite often that you haven't used your customers' data base for a long time, it is pretty old and nobody knows which numbers are still actual and which are not. We can check your data-base cell phone numbers for being connected to the network. In the report you will see the following information: the number is within the network coverage or not, in roaming/home network, operator and location where the number is registered.

4.            SMS broadcast via Microsoft Office Excel. A User installs our special software on his computer and when MS Excel is launched the broadcasting and statistics toolbar is displayed at the control panel. This option can be used during the intermediate period (while the full integration is being done) or it can be even the basic one, if it's necessary to automate the customer's information process, but the full integration is not needed or possible.

5.            The comprehensive approach to our customer's task solution. When a customer addresses us and poses a problem we will do everything to solve it. Our solutions are quite flexible. We can even create a special new product for the customer which will fully meet all his requirements. Thus, for example, we wrote a special program module for a distance-trade company to receive orders by SMS. It analyzed the text and automatically sorted the incoming messages or performed the programmed actions. We also wrote a utility for the collecting agencies which allowed broadcasting directly from MS Excel as well as the delivery statistics checking there.  Yes, today we offer these solutions in the market without any restrictions, but since all the customers are unique and have their own specific of work we change our product, so to say tune it by their needs.

ZANZARA, work becomes easy and convenient with us!

Besides, even in the view of such customary business services as SMS-broadcast we have a bunch of significant advantages. Click below to download a PDF file with a complete list of advantages.

pdf List of ZANZARA's Advantages (171 KB)

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