Customer’s data-base processing and import into ZANZARA system
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Customer’s data-base processing and import into ZANZARA system
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Customer’s data-base processing and import into ZANZARA system

The key function of ZANZARA service is taking a good care of the most valuable resource of every business – clients database. When we deal with a new customer we usually face the following problem – the data-base does exist but it is full of mistakes which should be corrected.

To ensure correct and effective functioning of SMS-service all data should be sorted out in groups (name, last name, phone number, comments etc.). Besides, the data-base should undergo a careful check-out for misprints and minor faults in a phone number format.

Of course, it is possible to look through all the data and try to correct mistakes manually. But here we face human factor. Thus, the absence of mistakes in this case is not guaranteed. Besides, this kind of check-up does take a lot of time. 

ZANZARA proudly presents a function which enables customers’ data-base processing and import into the system. It takes just a few minutes to prepare your data-base for import. When it’s done, you can start working with your clients’ data via ZANZARA system. The software is absolutely free of charge.  

Processing & Import software functions:

  • Data import from MS Office Excel (2003, 2007, 2010).
  • Correcting mistakes in names: Genady – Gennady
  • Separation of “NAME, LAST NAME” column into two or three records when appropriate
  • Diminutive names replacement by full names: Sasha - Alexander
  • Definition of gender by name: Anastasia-female
  • Names which contain abbreviations and company names are left blank
  • Transformation of all kinds of date record format (client’s birthday, purchase date, last appeal date) to a single unified format
  • Phone numbers analysis: determination of geographical zone and network standard
  • Import by the time zone a subscriber belongs to. This function is very useful for Customers who broadcast all over the country, it helps to prevent cases of SMS delivery in undesired time period, for example, early in the morning or at midnight
  • Replacement of phone numbers in fixed-line format by their mobile federal analogs
  • Text transliteration: replacement of Russian prints by Latin combinations in accordance with standard transliteration rules.
  • Processing of current Excel page regardless its disposition in a book. In its first version, the function of import and broadcast worked only with list №1 which was inconvenient for users.  
  • Data processing reports generation
  • Software updates control. A user is always aware of new version availability and can download all updates right away.
  • Internet connection settings including a poxy-server parameters.
  • User access rights check by a data-base of logins stored in ZANZARA system. It is possible to save all logins and passwords, which you used to have before on your computer. You don’t need to enter saved logins using keyboard, you can choose them from a checkbox. This function will especially demanded by dealers, who service several customers.

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