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Alexander Popov, the inventor of radio, was born in Krasnoturyinsk, Sverdlovsk region, 400 km far from Ekaterinburg, Russia.
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SMS-number – is a special number, intended to send and to receive SMS, voice call on this number is impossible.

SMS-numbers could be divided by a principle of message’s cost, sended on a SMS-number (commercial or free).

Commercial SMS-number usually has a short format (from three to six symbols) and is mostly spread on a mobile content market. The cost of sending a message on commerce number varies from 0, 2 to 3 USD.

Free SMS-number in a federal format (+79ХХХХХХХХХ) is not so wide-spread. Its obvious advantage in compare with commercial number is absence of extra charge while sending SMS on this number. Free numbers are very convenient for organizing social-valued, non-commercial projects. Though, the level of customer’s feedback while using free numbers in average 30% higher, SMS-numbers in federal format are more frequently used in commerce purposes.  

All SMS-numbers has digital designation for sending messages on this number. But there also exist so called alphabetic numbers – SMS-numbers, printed on a display of mobile phone as 11 Latin symbols. It is impossible to make voice call on this number and to send SMS, in difference of digital number. But alphabetic numbers are widely used in marketing purposes for increasing a recognizibility of trade mark and increasing a level of client’s feedback.


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