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SMS broadcasting – is one of the most active instruments of mobile marketing. Most of analytics rightly think that SMS-broadcasting is both an instrument of Mobile and Direct Banking. With appearance of mobile technologies changes only the form of information’s delivery to end recipient. If earlier these forms were post envelopes, electronic letters, now the information could be sended as SMS-message. As any instrument of direct marketing, broadcasting information with a use of SMS has some unquestionable advantages:

  • Information’s personification while SMS-broadcasting
  • Direct access to target group
  • High level of feedback

SMS-broadcasting has also the features, which characterize mobile technologies as canal of communication:

  1. Interactivity
  2. Speed, currency of information
  3. Expenses minimization

Unlike spam, SMS-broadcasting is always an object of preliminary agreement of a client to receive needed information. This agreement could be reached both with a help of traditional (filling a form) and mobile-technologies (subscription on SMS-broadcasting through SMS-request).  

Even now SMS-broadcasting is considered to be valuable canal of communication with end recipient. The development of mobile technologies does the instrument of SMS-broadcasting more and more effective by giving additional possibilities, among them are – automatic SMS-broadcasting by given indications, SMS-broadcasting from alphabetic number (using while promoting a trademark, increasing a loyalty of customers and level of feedback on broadcasting SMS), creating SMS- templates  and so on.


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