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Mobile marketing- is a complex of market actions directed to goods and services promotion with a usage of means of mobile connection. Very often a word “mobile marketing” identified with a term SMS-marketing, which is not correct, because the term “mobile” is considerable wide and besides SMS it includes a lot of other technologies (MMS, GPRS-WAP, USSD, IVR and others). Mass mobile marketing in Russia is quite young; however, it already has found its target audience. The first action of mobile marketing was hold by Coca Cola Company in 2001 year. During the next several years mobile marketing in different forms was used only by big international brands.

Mobile marketing got real development in 2004 year, when it becomes interesting for companies of FMCG sector (mainly home brands). It’s obvious, that in future MM technologies would be wide spread in advertising and marketing goals.

According to experts, the efficiency of mobile marketing in Europe in some cases reaches 45%; on the Russian market it reaches 20%. Though each year grows a number of companies, using MM in market goals, and a quality of holding measures.   

In Russia most popular are the following types of projects: instant-win (with a registration of a product code from package), SMS-drawings, SMS-quizzes, SMS-voting.


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