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Alexander Popov, the inventor of radio, was born in Krasnoturyinsk, Sverdlovsk region, 400 km far from Ekaterinburg, Russia.
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Mobile banking is one of the most technological and perspective instruments of mobile banking. It’s supposed that in frames of mobile-banking a bank’s customer has a possibility of twenty-four-hour control of transaction of his funds on card account with a help of SMS, sended on his mobile phone. While fulfillment any operation or authorization on card account (a purchase, service’s payment, inpayments, withdrawal money from a bank account and so on) a client receives a SMS-notification on his number. A message of mobile banking system has information about sum of transaction, time and place. A bank’s client can also receive a message about all operations of additional cards. Moreover, if a transaction seemed to be doubtful, in frames of system of mobile-banking it  is possible to send an immediate SMS on a concrete number with a special code and block a card for prevention a possibility of further fraud usage. Besides efficient notification, a connection with a system mobile-banking allows anytime without visiting bank office get information about account balance or about last transactions.


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