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Frequently asked questions

Question: Do you provide subscriber database for SMS broadcast?
Answer: No, each Customer gains it independently. All information in this database is strictly confidential. ZANZARA helps to choose and to hold implementation of effective measures to collect this base and to work with it later.  

Question: Can this SMS broadcast be considered as spam?
Answer: No, ZANZARA Company struggles against spam! All broadcasts are made only with the agreement of subscriber to get information.

Question: What would be the speed of SMS sending from the system?
Answer: The average speed of SMS transfer- 300 sms/second.

Question: What numbers can SMS be sent to?
Answer: You can send SMS messages to mobile numbers. It really doesn’t matter what mobile operator a subscriber has connected to. ZANZARA will deliver SMS to any mobile number of any mobile operator.

Question: Is there an opportunity to send SMS to subscribers having direct fixed-line format numbers?
Answer:  Fixed-line format numbers, which a subscriber gets after connection to a mobile network, very often have also a format of federal number. So, to make a call you can dial either fixed-line format or a federal format number. Both will work. But when you send an SMS you should always dial a federal number. This number will be uploaded into ZANZARA system in a federal format, for example: 7 908 53 99999. The exceptions are: fixed-line format mobile numbers (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Chelyabinsk), automatically identified in the format as follows: +7 494 99 99999.

Question: We would like to keep our base on your server. Is it possible?
Answer: There are two ways to work with our system keeping your subscriber database on our servers:

  • Software instance running on your local computer
  • Integration with your information system

In both cases our system receives only specific data: date and time of broadcast start, text of a message, numbers of recipients (with no names or other personal information).

Question: How do you ensure the safety of data on your server?
Answer: There are 3 servers in the system:

  • Security server.
    It interfaces all external systems via transport protocols and also protects access to Web-interface data.
  • Database server
    Provides the storage and administration of database, which includes all the information in the system.
  • Backup  Server
    It implements the storage of backup data of all system. The server is located in a secure premise of the same data-center. (Supplementary protection – data storage in different places).

The system provides uninterrupted operation due to backup of all hardware and soft components. Failure of equipment or staff members’ errors can not lead to service provision failures. The hardware warranty is provided by Hewlett-Packard Department of technical support.
Zanzara has its own service platform. The firmware complex is located at “Golden Telecom” data-centre premises, which provides uninterrupted and secure system operation.

Question: Do I need additional software and/or modules to access WEB-interface? What version of IE does it support?
Answer: To access our WEB-interface you need:

  1. Make sure your browser supports SSL security protocol with a length of encryption’s key no less than 128 bits (Microsoft IE v. 5.5 and higher).
  2. Apply correct settings of your proxy-server, or internetworking screen (allow connection via HTTPS-443 port).

Question: Does the service allow sending MMS? If yes, will it cost the same?
Answer: There is a special function in User Personal Interface which allows content delivery to subscribers (pictures, ring-tones, java-games) via WAP-GPRS. First, the customer should download content resources into the system. For every resource there should be a series of the same files intended for different mobile phone model. For example, for graphic resource the series consist of different formats of one resource, intended for concrete sizes of MT screens (101x80, 128x128, 136x176, 208x208 and so on). Upon request the subscriber gets WAP-push link, after that the subscriber downloads this resource to his/her mobile phone via WAP-GPRS (the system automatically recognizes the model of mobile phone and provides a suitable resource for it).

Question: I would like to use alphabetic service number. What is the maximal amount of symbols for the alphabetic number and is it possible to use Russian alphabetic symbols?
Answer: Only Latin alphabetic symbols can be used for alphabetic service numbers.  and also some other symbols. The alphabetic number should be no longer than 11 symbols.

Question: Is it possible to automate the process of SMS broadcast over a specific subscriber database depending on a certain event? (for example the list of mobile numbers and status of personal accounts have been downloaded in the system. If/when the account value reaches the threshold an SMS is sent to a subscriber).   
Answer: In the frames of message template usage option it is possible to activate automatic SMS-broadcast according to a particular indication (for example: birthday, agreement termination date, etc.). You can apply specific setting and the system will be able to broadcast automatically. To do this, you should set parameters of event ion in accordance with event/attribute. The system automatically puts corresponding data into message template and starts the broadcast. You can either control every stage of the broadcast or make the process fully automatic. The database could be both inside and outside the system. In case external data is used the integration is needed.

Question: What format of mobile numbers is supported by ZANZARA system?
Answer: The system supports only mobile federal numbers, for example 7 908 53 99999 (7 is country code – RF, 90853 – mobile operator prefix, 99999 – number of subscriber).

Question: Are there any limitations for the number of one SMS message recipients?  
Answer:  No, there are no such limitations. The number of recipients is unlimited.

Question: Is it possible to classify subscribers in order to broadcast by groups?
Answer: The system provides an option of creation of subscriber’s groups, for example, group “Clients” and group “Providers“. You can broadcast to any group you choose. Besides, you can create a hierarchy within your groups. For example, a subgroup “VIP Client” can be created in the frames of a group “Clients”. Also it is possible to do sms-broadcast in accordance with particular parameters. While broadcasting you can write down certain criteria, consolidating subscribers from several groups (for example, you can write down sex and age of subscribers, to whom it should refer).

Question: Is it possible to specific data (name, last name, etc) in the text of every message in a automatic mode?
Answer: The system allows automatic personal SMS sending. To do this, you have to create a special template. Besides the text of a message, you choose certain fields from database and add them to the template. For example the head of a message will contain {Name} {Last name}, and then - the text of SMS. When you activate the broadcast the system will withdraw data from the fields you have chosen and put it into the message automatically. In that way, you can personally address all subscribers without wasting time on creating personal messages for each of them. You create a message template .

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