SMS broadcast via Microsoft Office Excel
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SMS broadcast via Microsoft Office Excel
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SMS broadcast via Microsoft Office Excel

ZANZARA SMSCell Module allows SMS-broadcasting via Microsoft Office Excel. Now, the Customer doesn’t need to use Personal User Interface and, which is more, integration with the Customer’s database is not required.

It works like follows: a User downloads and installs special software on his computer in accordance with the instruction attached. When MS Excel has been launched the broadcasting toolbar will be displayed at the control panel.

Functionality and key advantages of  ZANZARA SMSCell:

  • Mass broadcast forming and starting
  • Delivery status monitoring
  • Delivery reports forming (using Microsoft Office Excel).
  • Ability to make every message individual for each subscriber. Every phone number is entitled to a certain message text; texts could be different to all or identical to all phone numbers.
  • While broadcasting one and the same phone number could pop up several times. The system will send a message every time it comes across with this or that number. In case the texts of messages entitled to this number are different every time, the system will be sent different messages.  
  • While forming a delivery report the system can use an optional set of internal identifiers. So the message delivery status will be attributed with the Name and Last Name, card number and/or other client’s attributive information.
  • Cutting out possible mistakes, connected with overlapping of data while import and with blanc fields while import
  • This option is perfect use during intermediate period before the adoption of full integration, as it allows sending personal messages and receiving delivery reports with a “linkage” to client.

Module "SMS-broadcast via Microsoft Excel" has been designed to support MS-Excel 2003, MS-Excel 2007 and MS-Excel 2010.

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