System operation via personal WEB-GUI
System operation via personal WEB-GUI
Integration with a Customer’s info system
SMS broadcast via Microsoft Office Excel
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System operation via WEB-GUI

Users access the system via Personal WEB Interface from any computer. Access doesn’t’ require any special software installation.

ZANZARA has two versions of PWI designed for different categories of users:

Personal WEB Interface based on Java-script.  

This version is supported by all standard browsers :

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8.
  • Opera 10
  • Mozilla FireFox 3.5, 3.6 (Windows and Linux)
  • Apple Safari 4
  • Google Chrome.

Personal WEB Interface based on Java-scripts ignores specific features of a browser and doesn’t require its security settings. This kind of PWI can be accessed from all modern mobile communicators and pocket PC’s: IPhone 3GS, Google Nexus One, HTС and etc. Besides, this kind of interface has a very attractive and bright design.

Personal WEB Interface based on ActiveX components.

This version supports only Internet Explorer on the basis of Active X components. This version is designed in classic austere style with only few effects in design. This version is not resource-intensive in respect for hardware, OS and Internet connection. This kind of PWI supports data export into Excel.

All versions of PWI provide a wide range of services on the basis of embedded functions.

Customer database operation

  • Automated database import into the system from files of different popular digital formats.
  • Automatically corrects and transforms the database into appropriate format:
    • Transforms fix telephone number format into the format of a cellular number (if the number is supported by a cellular operator)
    • Corrects spelling  in names: Stiven – Steven  
    • Divides certain fields into two or even three fields, for example, the field “Name” can be automatically divided into three fields: “Name”, “Second Name”, “Family Name”
    • Substitutes diminutive names with full names: Alex – Alexander, Bob - Robert  
    • Determines the gender by name: Anastasia – fem., George – masc.
    • Transforms various formats of dates (birthday, last visit, purchase date) into one proper format.
    • Determines a time zone and geographical region by a mobile number.
    • Generates detailed reports on data processing
    • Now, there is no need to make all this routine handwork, spend time and/or money for that.

Broadcast managing

When creating the text of a message, the system automatically puts the name of a message recipient (your Customer) and a correct addressing form (Dear Mr./Dear Mrs.).

Then, you may either start the broadcast or think of using the following services:

  • Suspended messages. The system allows for programming a broadcast to be launched within a certain time and on a certain day.  
  • Repeated messages. This feature allows for a repeated undelivered message sending to same recipients.
  • Automatic launching of permanent broadcasts and/or notifications.  
  • Automatic sending of birthday greetings.
  • Batch broadcasts - sending messages in smaller parts (not in one bulk), within a few hours or even days


To access statistics you can a corresponding command in a user menu from a WEB-GUI. Statistics is available in a online mode – as soon as a message has been delivered the system operator can track it.

The system provides detailed reports both on every single message (sent/delivered/undelivered/delivery time) and on the entire broadcast (delivery percentage).

All the browsers supporting this PWI can be downloaded for free by the following references:

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