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ZANZARA provides full range of non-voice telecom services:

  • SMS sending from the alphabetic number   – SMS-broadcasts, SMS-notifications for both customers and employees. The message sender signs it alphabetically. Usually, the name in the signature stands for the name of the company. For example, MDM-Bank or IKEA. Messages are being broadcasted over the Customer’s database.
  • Federal numbers (+7NNNXXXXXXX format) provision for SMS receipt. Key benefits – the sender pays for SMS in accordance with his tariff plane and the service is fully compatible with all GSM networks in Russia and CIS on default.
  • The customer database adjustment and import. The software for the customer database adjustment and import into the system. The whole operation takes just a few minutes, and you can instantly start working with ZANZARA system. read more.
  • Sending electronic business cards and contacts (vCards) by SMS. When you send a vCard to you client, you make his contact with all your officials and employees of different departments much easier. By means of this simple function you make yourself confident that sometime in future when one of your clients needs to call a personal manager or send an e-mail he will find all contact information in his mobile phone. read more.
  • Short numbers (XXXX) provision for SMS sending and receipt. We provide a short commercial XXXX number on request. Key benefits - short numbers can be easily memorized and provide the opportunity for business (added value for SMS sending).
  • Automatic SMS-services – requests processing, voting, quizzes, etc. SMS-services automation and programming, SMS sorting, redirection, automated system replies..
  • SMS booking, placing orders via SMS.  This service is designed for automatic message analyzing, recognizing key words in its text and launching specific operations programmed in a system:
    • Automatically sends back a message: “Thank You for Your messages!” or “Wrong goods making! Try again attentively!”.
    • Distributes messages among departments so that a product manager could view only messages addressed to his/her department.

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