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Retailers (boutiques, online shops, shopping centers).

Nowadays, most people like to dress up. And, which is more, they like spending money for it. This passion makes all retailers happy and, of course, they try to stimulate and cultivate this passion in their customers. Indeed, when a customer is granted a special friendly attitude or a considerable discount there is no doubt that this customer will choose this very fashion boutique among hundreds of similar ones.  

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How can you make a shopper make his way to your shop again and again? How do you make him feel that he is always welcome?

The customer loyalty program based on a system of discount cards is not effective any more. To make it work you should think of giving a significant discount. Are you ready for that?

Your customer is always overloaded with information of different kind and coming from different sources. Most likely he will never get to know about a special offer at your fashion boutique. Why? Just because he was not informed.

What is the way to make your customer have useful information always on time?  
Give a call to ZANZARA and you will learn how to reach your customers via SMS!

SMS is faster and easier than telephoning or mailing, SMS is cheaper than printed adds. You just send your customer an SMS!


  • Inform your customers of the sale period and a discount size.
  • Invite your customers for a new collection presentation.
  • Inform customers about a new boutique opening and offer a bonus.
  • Send birthday greetings to your customer and give him a half price as a gift.
  • Notify your customer that his order has been delivered to the shop.


  • Due to database categorizing inside the system it is possible to differentiate the broadcast – send messages to this or that group of customers. One and the same person may be a member of several groups and if he falls onto the broadcast criteria he will receive SMS only once.  
  • Batch broadcasts – sending messages in smaller parts throughout several hours or even days so that your managers could do a good job processing all requests. 
  • Even if the number of addressees you want to reach with your broadcast makes several hundred thousand, be sure that everyone of them will be addressed by his/her name. The system will automatically put the person’s name into the text of a message and, which is more, it will address the person in respect for the gender (Dear Mr./Dear Mrs.).
  • Most of retailers tend to launch broadcasts on Friday afternoon or some days before the national holiday. Thanks to the high capacity (over 600 sms per second) and the system of “intellectual queue” all messages are being delivered timely and fast regardless of the peak demand time.

Indeed, retailers track a considerable attendance growth after launching the customer loyalty program provided by ZANZARA. Moreover, there is no need to hire a “telephone manager” since has ensured a significant time saving.

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