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ZANZARA provides the complex of services designed to support financial companies: banks, insurance companies, collecting and broker agencies. “SMS-banking” includes:

  • Card-holder notification about hisher account transactions.
  • Debtors notification about the credit payment date and the amount to be paid.
  • Alert to the insured about the insurance policy termination date.
  • Notification to the insured about the progress of hisher case.
  • Notification to the debtor regarding his/her debt collecting by a collecting authority.
  • Information about the quotes at market closing, securities quotes, investor’s portfolio dynamics.
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The system automatically informs the account holder of every transaction (funds transfer and/or withdrawal), reminds, at regular intervals, of the credit payment deadline and the amount to be paid. The customer receives all this information in the form of SMS message.

Competitive advantages of ZANZARA’s SMS-banking:

1.    High system capacity – up to 600 SMS per second

2.    Ability to process prioritized traffic which mainly contains instant notifications of account transactions. These messages will be delivered instantly regardless of the general system load..

3.    Wide choice of SMS-module integration methods. The methods are ranked in accordance with problematic complexity as well as with the Customer’s hardware and software.

4.    Conformance with high security policy standards. The processed traffic is encrypted. Besides, it is possible to organize VPN-channel for strictly confidential information exchange.

5.    Long messages enabled – the system is capable of “sticking” several messages together, so that the subscriber receives just one message at a time (for example, messages sent by collecting agencies normally consist of 3-5 SMS).

6.    Providing federal number for SMS receipt. The cost of SMS sent to a federal number equals to the cost according to the tariff plan of a subscriber. The service works with all GSM mobile operators in Russia and CIS on default and there is no need to apply additional settings and carry out numerous circuit conditioning.   

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