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Fitness centers, beauty shops, clinics

Most people nowadays are active. They do sports, keep fit, care about their look and health. They all have certain preferences regarding doctors, barbers, fitness instructors.

What can You do to make Your customer grateful for his good fit to You only?

Building Your customer loyalty is a complex process: yesterday the customer purchased a membership card at your fitness center, today you have sent him birthday greetings, tomorrow you will offer him a visit to a brand-new SPA at a discount price. Be sure that the customer will extend his membership for the next year. This is simple!

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Keeping loyalty of existing customers is no less important than attracting new ones. They say, it’s much more expensive to bring your former customers back than to keep those with you.

What is the way to make the process of customer loyalty gaining effective and manageable?

Give ZANZARA a call! We will be glad to provide an instrument for you to create and strengthen your customers’ loyalty.

Inform Your customers by SMS!

Forget traditional means of advertising! SMS is cheap, effective and easy. You can launch a new advertising campaign within a few seconds. Just let us know what you want to do!

Using our SMS-service You can:

  • Send birthday greetings to a customer and offer him a visit to your fitness center or SPA for free!
  • Offer your customer a discount for a membership card  
  • Inform your customer of a special offer for solarium visits available for members only.
  • Invite you customer to take part in competitions you arrange for members.  
  • Inform your customer of the sportswear sell-out at your partner’s shop.

Let your customer feel your care and he will stay with you for long!

The system allows:

  • Create groups in your customer database in accordance with different parameters (height, weight, gender, color of eyes, etc) and carry out your campaigns regarding these parameters.
  • Mark the date of a membership card activation and when the times comes our system will send an SMS to the customer reminding him to extend his membership.
  • The system automatically puts the name of a customer into the text of a message. Besides, the system will put the correct addressing form regarding the gender (Dear Mr./Dear Mrs.)
  • The system automatically sends greetings to the customers having a birthday.
  • Customer database import into the system using all popular digital formats.
  • Automatically transforms the database into the needed format.
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