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Entertainment centers, night clubs, café, casino

You try to provide maximum entertainment for your customers. That’s why they visit your café, night club or casino again and again.  

You are truly encouraged to offer them right service and right time. A satisfied customer will bring you a dozen of his/her friends. No doubt, a frequent customer generates a significant share of profit for a restaurant or café. That’s why these customers should be given a special care.

What is the easiest way to make your place always full of friendly and happy customers?

When you arrange something special (a cocktail reception or a concert tour) you have to let all your frequent customers know that.

Will you be able to call hundreds or even thousands of your customers in a short time? Can you be sure that all your customers will see an advertisement? We doubt that.

Why not find an effective, cost-efficient and time-saving way to reach all your customers!

Which way ZANZARA can be helpful?

Give us a call and we will provide a solution. Every time you want to tell your customers something important, invite them to taste an outstanding desert or enjoy a brand-new show – you just send your customer an SMS.

All your provisions will reach your customers within seconds.


  • Tell your customers that a famous DJ will rock the public of your night club next Saturday.
  • Invite customers to arrange a celebration or a party because only your café offers the best show and food.
  • Send birthday greetings to your frequent customer and offer him a half price as a gift.
  • You have opened a new café – tell this to your customers and don’t forget the reservation service phone number.
  • Send a special invitation SMS so that that the customer could get a free drink or a discount by showing an attributed SMS.
  • You may suggest your customer to bring his/her friend together and have a discount.


Night clubs owners who use ZANZARA system track a significant attendance growth. Besides, they say: “SMS broadcasts provide for a considerable time saving and contact quality growth as you can always read message once again when you feel comfortable in contrast to a phone call which you will forget right away. A couple of days before a party with a famous DJ we launch a broadcast and can be sure the place will be full”.

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