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Recently we could see harsh competition between auto dealers. This competition encompassed such aspects as number of brands presented and their prestige. Nowadays, dealers compete in grade of service and the number of additional services.

 Why is it so important to show concern and care about the Customer who purchased a car at your dealer center?
  • First, the car owner will definitely tell his friends that the service in your center is really good. In a while, when his friends decide to buy a car they will surely visit your center.   
  • Second, your customer will buy his next car only from you.
What does this Customer Care actually mean for an auto dealer?
You ought to remind your customer of a current technical maintenance, inform him of the availability of the ordered spare parts, invite him to test a new brand and send birthday greetings.  
How can you minimize time, effort and expenses needed to arrange all these works?
Give us a call! We will be happy to provide an instrument designed to automate the major part of these functions and to manage your customer care service efficiently.
How does ZANZARA work?
You are an auto dealer and you have a database of your customers. You contact your customers from time to time. This is how and why you do it:
  • Telephone call – to remind your customer about maintenance, to give greetings (birthday or national holiday).
  • By post – to invite for a test drive.
  • Arrange information in the recreation area inside your center or publish news in media.

BUT! Telephoning all your customers takes much time, post can be late, media doesn’t cover all your customers and it is rather costly.  

You can reach your customers by SMS! You decide what information is important for your customers. You create a message for your customers or even groups of customers (for example, a group of a certain car brand owners).

ZANZARA Auto is designed to automate the major part of work with customers, to process and manage information.

Your customer receives all important info in the form of SMS in a automated mode:

  • Date of regular maintenance reminder
  • Availability of the ordered spare parts
  • Termination of the long-run repair works
  • Availability of the ordered auto
  • Special offers, test-drives, etc.

All messages will be delivered automatically provided that the manager has marked a special field in CRM. Thus, the risk of a “human factor” (a manager is depressed, feels sick, forgot to make a call, called a wrong customer, etc) is avoided.  


Application experience

Quite a few auto dealers have been using ZANZARA SMS service today. Their management confirm a significant customer inflow increase as a result of every broadcast. Customers like this new service which results in their loyalty growth and, of course, in a positive business dynamics.
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