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System integrators, IT-companies, software vendors

Mobile technologies demonstrate rapid development reaching all spheres of our life. They help us in our business providing additional revenues. System integrators may benefit from integrating with ZANZARA’s platform in order to offer their customers new system capabilities based on mobile technologies. 

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Joining efforts to create a new product

In order to enter the market with new software solutions we suggest CRM-developers to cooperate and integrate ZANZARA’s SMS-module into their system. 

Cooperating with ZANZARA in terms of creating a joint solution will allow you to:
  • Increase your software functionality due to adding new services.
  • Get additional competitive advantages or your company.
And, as a result:
  • Demand growth for your products and services  
  • Revenue growth both from selling your products as well as from SMS traffic generated by your customers and agent bonuses for every contract.

Today we support different integration methods. These methods differ in terms of task complication and the system specific features.  

If necessary, we also provide SSH-tunnel and VPN-channel.

Integration via XML

When a customer runs his own information system (especially a unique software) and has computer programmers on the staff, we will be glad to provide XML interface wich is simple, comprehensive and easy to do with. This methoda works perfectly with a medium-size bank.

XML integration can be realized both for Windows as well as for Linux-based OS’s.

Integration via SMPP

In case a customer runs his own information system which supports SMPP there is no need to arrange programmers to realize exchange protocols since we provide access via SMPP.   

Also, we offer SMS-traffic services for the information systems under development. We can easily embed SMPP protocol in the customer’s system.

We support SMPP protocol of v. 3.4 and 5.0 

Integration via DB-Gate

DB-Gate integration is carried out via “gateway” – a database embedded into a customer’s information system outline. This method envisages a number of sub-methods:

Name of integrated solution based on DB-Gate method

Data sources

OS compatibility




Text file



MS SQL Server 2000



Oracle DB






Integrated solutions jointly developed and implemented in cooperation with ZANZARA’s Partners and Customers

Solutions developed in cooperation with banking software vendors OOO “Software systems and technologies”, “Bank’s soft systems” (BSS), OOO “IntelTelecom”

1С: (accounting, enterprise)

MS Dynamics NAV

MS Dynamics AX

Application experience

ZANZARA is keen on partnership programs development with banking, processing and payment software vendors, CRM and Contact Center developers, automation systems integrators. Our SMS-module has been integrated into the following solutions of our partners.

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