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"EastWind" Company


EastWind is a leading developer of specialized end-to-end solutions for the telecoms. The foreground of EastWind operation is development, implementation, and support of original software solutions designed to automate business processes of any telecommunications company (mobile and fixed communication, data transfer, traffic transit, content providers etc.). The company is part of the SITRONICS JSC. (

Operators apply high-tech EastWind solutions to automate key business processes and launch new services that bring addtional revenue.

EastWind has been in the IT market since 1997, and has accumulated significant experience in implementing business solutions for telcos running networks of different types and standards in Russia and the CIS.

"EastWind" Company
Теl.: +7 343 336-77-00
Fax: +7 343 336-77-36

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