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Financial information systems


Group of companies “Financial Information Systems” is a leader in the sphere of consumer credits automation in the Russian market.

The company’s core products are:

  • «FIS Credits» - front-office for quick deployment of sales network for banks;
  • «FIS Deposits» - front-office scalable system designed for working with deposits;
  • «FIS Collecting» - flexible and easy customizable system for delayed debts managing;
  • «FIS Payment Office» - easy-to-maintain system for cash receiving;
  • «FIS Credit Storage» - integrated solution for banks accounting data secure storage.

FIS software solutions are unique. They make it possible to create a network including thousands of mobile “work desks”: points of sales for consumer credits and deposit products, cash receiving points. “FIS Credits” is used in more than 2 000 sales points in more than 50 regions of Russia. Over 3 years there were landed more than 2 mln credits on sum more than 2 mlrd RUB. In 2008 “FIS collecting” was awarded the first prize in the nomination “The Discovery of the Year among IT-solutions for risk management” and was granted a Diploma from Russian Society of Risk Management.

Russia, Novosibirsk
tel/fax: (383) 334-07-89

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