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BSS_100x70Company BSS – a leading Russian developer of banking software, working in a segment of electronic banking since 1994 year. ...
Telephone systems

OkTell_100x70«Тelephone systems» — one of the leading Russian developers in the sphere of automated systems for telephone services. “Oktell” communication platform is the company’s...
Financial information systems

FIS_100x70Group of companies “Financial Information Systems” is a leader in the sphere of consumer credits automation in the Russian market. ...
"EastWind" Company

EW_100x70EastWind is a leading developer of specialized end-to-end solutions for the telecoms. The foreground of EastWind operation is development, implementation, and support of original software solutions designed...
Exposystems Int.

Exposystems_100x70«Exposystems Int» is a leading Russian organizer of specialized forums, exhibitions and conferences in the sphere of telecommunication. «Exposystems Int» is a regular member of...

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