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The second generation of SMS broadcasting module via Microsoft Office Excel by ZANZARA

In 2009 ZANZARA developed a SMSCell module allowing SMS broadcasting through Microsoft Office Excel without integration and Personal Web Interface (PWI) use.

Today we offer our customers much more - a product with lots of useful settings and functions. Thanks to the second-generation module for MS Excel ZANZARA's customers and dealers can import data into PWI as well as make a SMS broadcast or receive messages directly via Microsoft Office Excel.

The most significant features of the new module:

  1. You can download the statistics from the server which is necessary to calculate the volume of the traffic used.
  2. Youcansenda vCard. The last vCard sent is saved automatically.
  3. You can receive SMS on the federal number rented by ZANZARA.
  4. You can start working not from a blank page, but use a ready sample with the basic data examples.
  5. You can exclude the black-list phone numbers from the dispatch or import (the list if formed by the user himself) which allows avoiding SMS broadcast to those who are unwilling to receive them.

The data import:

  1. The import function is performed considering the region and the time zone where a subscriber lives (According to the last reform of the time zones held in the Russian Federation in April 2010).
  2. There is no volume limit for a data base import; the maximum number of lines is defined by their number in an Excel list, which is over 1 billion.
  3. The function "Import as usual" - allows, once having set all the parameters and settings, importing avoiding this stage in the future. It automatizes the routine data import operations.

SMS sending:

  1. «Dispatch at one-two» - an easy and fast sending off to one or several numbers at one step and two clicks of a mouse.
  2. You can indicate the exact time for each SMS broadcast, or calculate it automatically taking into account the set intervals limits.
  3. The storage of the data for each file. When you open the file next time the column values are restored.
  4. The SMS text analysis for its conformity with GSM-alphabet. The calculation of a message length and SMS quantity. The tips how to save traffic – highlighting of the excess symbols in the text which lengthen SMS.

Thus, the import function checks and converts the data, given almost in a random mode, which provides its fast and convenient download in the PWI.

The broadcast via MS Excel is not only an alternative to the usual PWI, but also a more convenient tool to solve the difficult customer's tasks.

For the ZANZARA customers: you can download the add-in by the reference, the login and password are needed.

If you are not yet our client, but would like to use the module of broadcast via MS Excel, please, fill in the request for subscription.

ZANZARA – it's convenient with us!

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