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ZANZARA celebrates its first 5-year anniversary

On the 22nd of September, 2010 ZANZARA celebrates its first anniversary – 5 years.
For this period the company has passed a long way from a young and fast developing company to the leading one on the federal level offering the unique services on the market. During the 5th year ZANZARA launched the following important opportunities:

SMS broadcast from Microsoft Office Excel – one of the most popular office programs. Almost all lists, customers' data bases are stored and given in .xls format. Having developed and offered this module to our customers, we saved them from data bases import operations – this process almost always requires a competent specialist help.

Integration of ZANZARA SMS-module into «1С: Enterprise» – the most popular accounting automation program. The module is provided for free to all ZANZARA customers, you don't need the programmers' help for its introduction, and as soon as it's installed all necessary functions for broadcast start are available for the customer.

New services for the customers:

  • "HLR LookUp" service - allows getting the precise information about a subscriber registration (operator and even the branch office), whether a subscriber is within the network coverage at the moment and his current location. "HLR LookUp" service has become popular among banks, collectors and big trading networks.
  • Sending electronic business cards (vCards) by SMS. Any company can make a mass broadcast of its business card with the address, phone numbers and notes to all its customers in the same way as a subscriber sends the contacts info to his friends.
  • Automatic adjustment and import of a customer data-base. This free service is popular with all ZANZARA customers – both, huge federal companies and small firms. The program processes the customers' data base: checks the mistakes, misprints and iterations, adjusts the data to the necessary format and automatically exports it to the system for the further work.
  • Delivery scenario for SMS broadcasting – this service allows setting possible time intervals for SMS delivery, so that you don't bother your clients at night or at the weekend and on holidays.
  • New Personal Web Interface (PWI). The new version of PWI - it's not only a new, rich and modern design of the pages, but new features. You can access the PWI through any popular browser and there's no need to adjust the safety parameters. For the customers' convenience we didn't the old version of the PWI (it's less exacting of the PC parameters), but made it possible to chose. 

We are very proud of the work we have done for these 5 years. We have done the first many of what nearly all similar companies offer today, like: alphabetic sending number, federal number for SMS receiving, broadcasts according to the time zones, batch broadcasting and many others. Also we were among the first Russian companies which registered the domain in the Cyrillic zone - занзара.РФ.

We are sure that these 5 years were just the beginning. In the future we will keep on enlarging our service range, offering the customers convenient, efficient and high-tech tools for their work and l constantly surprising them with new developments and ideas

Every day ZANZARA team works to prove our main principle for 100% and give it new and new meaning - «ZANZARA – it's convenient with us».

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