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SMS - broadcasting management module for «1С:Enterprise 8.0».


ZANZARA has issued a module for the most popular accounting automation program – «1С:Enterprise» version 8.0 and further.

As soon as it is installed, there’s a new control panel appears for broadcasting management.

Thanks to this module you can perform the following:

  1. Form a broadcasting data base on the basis of «1С:Enterprise» data.
  2. Start SMS-broadcasting.
  3. Search and add numbers into contractors’ or natural persons’ data base.
  4. Manually add the subscribers for broadcasting to the current numbers base.
  5. Send personal SMS-messages.
  6. Save the current numbers base for the further broadcasts.
  7. Do the broadcasts reporting: you can see the status of every message (delivered, undelivered, in the process of delivery).
  8. Save all broadcasts and reports in the archive.

The advantages of SMS-broadcasting management module for «1С:Enterprise 8.0» by ZANZARA:

  1. The module is provided for free to all ZANZARA customers.
  2. A customer doesn’t need to engage the programmers for the module introduction.
  3. The module works directly through the Internet as well as through a proxy server.
  4. You work in a character mode (SMS sending emulation).

In 2006 ZANZARA already announced the possibility of integration with 1C products. At that time to start working you needed time and programmers help. Today, if a company wants to do SMS -broadcast through 1С, it’s just necessary to install the module and you can immediately begin working.

In the future we are planning to enlarge the module functions basing on the opinions and wishes of the customers.

ZANZARA – it’s convenient with us!

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