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ZANZARA and “CroSystems” have released a joint product.


At the beginning of June, 2010 ZANZARA and “CroSystems” - end-to-end solutions designer for business processes’ automation - signed a partnership agreement.  Today the module designing and integration work is all done and the product is absolutely ready for its commercial use.

The new module of the automated system “CrossRequest” allows getting the following information by the mobile phones’ numbers connected with the object being checked:

  • Whether a number really exists
  • What is the operator and home area of a subscriber
  • If a subscriber is within the network coverage at the moment
  • Where his last location is registered (what country or region within Russia). Is he in roaming or home network

The receipt of this data from the mobile operators is provided by ZANZARA basing on its HLR LookUp service.

Thanks to this module use you can raise the potential contractors’ (debtors’) check reliability when you arrange a deal (examine a credit application) or support business and monitor the contractors (debtors) during the period of deal instance (credit pay off).

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