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ZANZARA – a strategic partner of Goodlet.

Goodlet – it's a social network for purchase and consumer experience exchange which extends over the existing social networks and forums.

Thanks to Goodlet the users - experts can promote goods which quality they guarantee, thus, earning money. And the users - buyers can order goods directly where they are used to find high-quality and objective information about them - in blogs, forums and societies, social networks.

As a result, the process of goods choosing and purchase in the net should become the easiest and most convenient - a person reads comments and opinions about any good and can order it at once.  Moreover, Goodlet automatically finds the best price for this item in the city where a customer lives and shows the respectability rate of the Internet stores.  And the expert can star earning just in a few minutes in any topic thanks to his knowledge and recommendations about this or that good.

Unlike many existing meta-catalogues of goods Goodlet allows to make an order directly, without logging into on-line stores' web-sites. It requires fast information exchange with the customers about their orders statuses.

ZANZARA, from its part, offers SMS-notification service about order status, delivery time. SMS-notification for Goodlet is the optimal and most convenient way to inform. The high quality of service that ZANZARA offers was the major reason for this partnership to arise: high speed of SMS delivery through its own SMS-centers, the system of intelligent order and priority traffic determination for on-line messages.

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