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ZANZARA is one of the first companies in the national domain zone .РФ


In 2008 on the 32d International conference of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers – international non-profit corporation responsible for managing the assignment of domain names, IP addresses and other aspects of the Internet operation) in Paris it was preliminary decided to introduce a new national domain for Russia – «.РФ».

The idea of the national domain zone creation was attacked by the aggressive critics of the professionals, starting with the web-designers who doubted due to the general complexity of interaction processes realization from the technological point of view and finishing by the Internet market analytics' opinion that nobody needs it. Of course, some of these doubts have reasons to be, but the initiators of РФ- zone creation, enlisting the initiative and support of the government bodies, remained firm. And so, on May 12, 2010  the first sites (президент.РФ правительство.РФ), assigned to Cyrillic domain names, started to work.

From May 25, 2010 ZANZARA web site is accessible by the address, as well as by занзара.РФ.

The affirmative decision about the Cyrillic domain «занзара.РФ» creation was taken on the basis of the official «ЗАНЗАРА» trademark registration additionally to the previously registered one - «ZANZARA».

By ZANZARA opinion there is a range of indisputable advantages of the national domain zone creation:

  • The number of Internet users will grow thanks to those, who don't know the transliteration rules and English language on its basis level.
  • There won't be any problems if you remember the web address and then, later, type it just the way it sounds. No doubts how to enter – «c» or «k», «j» or «g», «ja» or «ya» etc.
  • There won't be any twin - sites created by the cheaters to fraud the visitors, steal their personal bank accounts information and so on. For example, the address of Moscow city in .ru zone can be typed in different ways:,, and any other possible variants. When in the Cyrillic zone there'll be only one – москва.рф.

The registration of ZANZARA web site in the national domain zone «.РФ» will contribute to the growth of visitors' number, hence its site reach will increase too. As a result, there'll be more and more companies on the territory of the Russian Federation which will be able to use the high-quality service of ZANZARA.

ZANZARA, work becomes easy and convenient with us!

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