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New service from ZANZARA - Actual data base numbers check, determination of a cell phone subscriber location and his home network.

It happens quite often that you haven't used your customers' data base for a long time, it is pretty old and nobody knows which numbers are still actual and which are not. We can check your data base cell phone numbers for being connected to the network. All this process will be confidential and without any inconvenience or trouble caused to a customer.

"HLR LookUp" service allows getting information about the last registration of a customer in the network and determining his location (Country, region, operator).

What information can be received? 

  • Whether a number really exists
  • What is the operator and home area of a subscriber
  • If a subscriber is within the network coverage at the moment
  • Where his last location is registered (what country or region within Russia). Is he in roaming or home network?

Using "HRL LookUp" service you can protect yourself from fraud:


Or avoid confusion if you send promo messages to every person in the base:


This service will cut down your expenses thanks to the following:

  • The irrevocably invalid numbers are d
  • The subscribers in roaming are excluded from the broadcasting
  • In case of federal broadcasting the information can be differentiate by the actual location of a subscriber as well as the place of his number registration.
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