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ZANZARA bacame a strategic partner for Platio - online advertising system

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Platio is an online advertising system designed for fast and efficient advertising campaigns setting and launching. Platio managed to combine advantages of TV, mobile and Internet advertising in one service which is available 24 hours and accessible from any personal computer connected to broadband Internet.

The fact is, Platio needs mobile services to make its business run. Fault-tolerance, reliability and security are also of great importance. At this point, ZANZARA happened to become a steady and reliable partner for Platio. As a result of smooth integration, Platio acquired competitive advantages in the online advertising market.  

Besides mobile and online services, ZANZARA applied an SMS-broadcast module for Platio. This enables Platio’s customers to send info-commercial messages to their target clients from the personal user interface. 

ZANZARA’s SMS services ensure reliable operation both in Russia as well as in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Byelorussia. This factor has been also considered by Platio management when choosing an SMS-services provider.

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