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Unique service from ZANZARA – sending electronic business cards (vCards) by SMS.

Every mobile phone has contact book inside, but most people use not more than just one information field where they save a mobile phone number.

ZANZARA offers its customers a new service allowing to send electronic business cards (vCards).

Electronic business card (vCard)-is a standard function of all mobile phones. It has lots of information fields: name and last name, mobile, work and home phone number, work and home address, e-mail, web-site etc.

How could this instrument be used and what for?

When you send a vCard to a client, you actually create a note in his/her contact book. It definitely simplifies client’s contact with you since a paper card is always unreachable or lost. However, a mobile phone with contacts is always under the hand of your client.  

For example, electronic business card (vCard) of a motor dealer center could contain the following information:

  • Company name
  • Service department phone number
  • Sales department phone number
  • Personal manager mobile
  • Mail address
  • E-mail
  • Web-site
  • Business hours

Function of vCard sending is available to all ZANZARA’s customers.

vCard service is free of charge, you pay only for SMS-traffic.

For more information, please, use this link.

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