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Among other allegations, he was arrested for his role in designing the hierarchy of the organization, the production of synthetic drugs and movement of marijuana and cocaine to the United States, said Mexico's secretary of public security.
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The success story

ZANZARA Company has been working in the mobile service market since 2005. We were the first who offered using SMS broadcasting to satisfy the needs of B2B sector. We do not to sell it as entertaining content to people.  

Since that time we have been setting pace, have been a leading light, for all the companies in SMS-service market which, in fact, follow in our footsteps.

We have done the first many of what nearly all of them offer today, like: alphabetic sending number, federal number for SMS receiving, payment only for the delivered messages, batch broadcasting and many others.

The business of ZANZARA has been carried out on the basis of License №151950 as of November, 28 2016 issued by Ministry of Communication of Russian Federation

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