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ZANZARA is a leading Russian non-voice services operator.

We don’t sell SMS, we provide service.

Core Services:

  1. SMS sending from the alphabetic number  – SMS-broadcast, SMS-adds, SMS-notifications. 
  2. Federal numbers (+7NNNXXXXXXX format) provision for SMS receipt.  
  3. The customer database adjustment and import. The software for the customer database adjustment and import into the system.
  4. Sending electronic business cards and contacts (vCards) by SMS. When you send a vCard to you client, you make his contact with all your officials and employees of different departments much easier.
  5. "HLR LookUp" service allows getting information about the last registration of a customer in the network and determining his location (Country, region, operator).
  6. Short numbers (XXXX) provision for SMS sending and receipt.
  7. Automatic SMS-services – requests processing, voting, quizzes, etc. 

ZANZARA works in B2B segment, which means that we don’t deal with entertaining mobile content.  ZANZARA never executes unauthorized SMS-broadcasts – all SMS-notifications contain valuable and important information which the subscriber had agreed to receive.


The second generation of SMS broadcasting module via Microsoft Office Excel by ZANZARA

Today we offer our customers much more - a product with lots of useful settings and functions.


ZANZARA celebrates its first 5-year anniversary

During the 5th year ZANZARA launched the following important opportunities


ZANZARA has taken active part in a customer conference held by EastWind

In August, 16 - 20, EastWind - the software designer and ZANZARA's partner - held the 4th international customer conference «EastWind Formula 2010» in...


SMS - broadcasting management module for «1С:Enterprise 8.0».

ZANZARA has issued a module for the most popular accounting automation program – «1С:Enterprise» version 8.0 and further.


ZANZARA and “CroSystems” have released a joint product.

The module designing and integration work is all done and the product is absolutely ready for its commercial use.

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